It’s a fresh summer day
this breeze feels right
black iced coffee under the shade of whizzing bees
lush with green archways and pink flora
your voice circling around me like a ring of hummingbirds
the cars zooming by
police sirens going off in the distance
those Sunset Boulevard palms swaying lazily
as the hilly side streets join them
and no one seems to mind our emblazoned chatter
we’re daydreaming consciously
spouting preachy ways of life every which way
tell me how my life became so sweet
on this perfect Saturday afternoon?


It’s a glimpse one day
or a longer view the next afternoon
I see it there, just over that hill
those billowing figures in that charming cottage
roaring with laughter at a story their friend tells
as they toast to happiness thereafter
and the food is laid out across that pretty table
dishes from each corner of the globe
cooked to perfection here in this little space
embellished with sparkling lights and old Arab drapes
and he turns over to her
and whispers ‘I love you’ into her ear
and she looks at him in surprise
her eyes aglitter with affection
because oh, this life we now celebrate
these people around us
what we’ve known and have yet to know
why, I would kiss you on this hill as twilight dawns
as I love you, and them, and you, and them
and you.