You forget yourself. The green fingers that brush at your bare legs and feet, ever so lightly. Moss covering your hands. Sap sticking to your fingers like poisonous honey. Sparrows and hummingbirds and bees and blue beetles whirling around you, humming their songs to your movement. Canopies and carpets of reds and oranges and yellows, falling around you like a snow of the seasons. Your eyes lit with fire, the mane on your head a proverbial mop of dark curls, your lips rouged with spices. Your words hushed, saved only for those you trusted – those who raised you in this green world, the constellations you follow from the purple night into a sunlit dawn.Your feet, bare and hardened, taking you from the cave behind the waterfall to the top of the sprawling canyons. Running breathlessly through this place you visualize like a map in your mind, letting the arms of your oaks and sentinels and pines reach out to you in welcome. That dark hair trailing behind you like a cape of fine silk. Never leaving this place because it is your home, where you always return, where you fall into the soft cushion of the forest floor and close your eyes. And then you rise again to run wherever your spirit commands.

I tangled you in this love they have tamed since. You have forgotten me. You forget yourself.

You were once wild here.



I see it just a few yards ahead,
the place I hear in song,
where I find self and existence,
rapture and acceptance,
beyond what lowness I have known.

Of days passed I have wandered far,
lost in the tangle of dead root and leaf,
stumbling yesterday and the day before,
the crunch deafening to my sweet sense of sound,
but finally I see it, this place I belong to,
and therein a green canopy of life welcomes me,
his embrace ever loving, so ever pure.

My footsteps soften as I near,
the crunch of tangled roots
turn to a carpet of velvet petals,
crèmes and carnations and roses throughout,
so lovely that my steps fade to silence.

Sunlight pours in through the green veil
and I cannot fight the rueful beauty of my daydream
amidst the enveloping stillness,
this decadent loneliness,
for what love have I known
except in the lavish frescoes I see?

A tender and deceitful portrayal,
cruel to my loving nature, longing
for a fondness that does not exist.

But alas, calm falls around me
and his embrace is warm,
forest is still as birdsong rises,
the greenery rustles, delicate as a single life
and I am, now until then
here in my place of dream.

Pride & Prejudice OST – The Living Sculptures of Pemberley
Bright Star OST – Human Orchestra



My world is too precious for you to keep me anchored
in this tight spot in the dark corner of this sailboat
where little bothers you because you’ve created this
you’ve built it out of your two hands
adventuring through your sufferings and trials
all of this out of your conscious actions
while I imagine something different
where there are mountains and forests
and innocence runs wild like the old beasts
but while I see these things
I desire mostly humanity and the essence of being
the consequences of loving and exploration
discovering my sporadic bouts of invention
I can only love you if you embrace what I believe
and at least attempt to live through your soul
I’m selfish in such ways.