Balmy nights and flirty eyes,
music on the beach in the evenings,
inhaling all the shitty air our lungs cling to,
his beating heart thousands of miles away,
the vines in the garden moist with expectation,
the promise of poetry before bedtime in the morning,
standing in line for a Savages set,
giving life back to music,
chasing this temperamental existence,
all the romanticism of modern living,
decadent eats on our table out in the street,
speeding home with the windows down,
our voices lost from earlier in the day,
the moon disappearing behind the skyscrapers,
silence befalls our spinning heads,
our love is sealed into the future,
we’re the children of summer.


It’s effortless on that side where you look up and he’s smiling at you and if you blush prettily this is encouraging and if you look into his eyes for the briefest second and then away to your friend it will still work because you looked his way and that’s what matters because it’s easy there where things are meant to happen at their natural pace and it’s where you meet your friends and lovers amidst the sea of brightly smiling faces and it’s just easier there where it’s a new page for you and you have everything to gain and nothing to bleed out for because they don’t even ask if you’re okay here at home because they’re always sniggering at you and waiting for you to fall on your face and you just won’t see the face you want to see when you pick yourself up again.


There’s a haze in the distance
I hear you strumming another set of notes
who cares what I want out of you
you long for everything these days
my daze transcends that of an addict’s
into the murky waters of denial
and the inevitable sea of betrayal
laden with its countless victims
these walls are turning into a burnt red
you can’t stand the sight of me
your secrets pour out of you like tar
get out of my forsaken space
I’m running out of air in this truth.

Icy daggers in the eyes that I love.