We found our paths to each other
by way of fate and convenience
at a point in our lives when it made most sense.
Years of near loving and living
are drowned out by facts of undiluted truth,
the reality that we consciously failed to see for a time.
Here you and I stand at a crossroads,
looking into each other’s unfailing eyes
and I realize how hard I’ve tried to love you.
It didn’t happen a decade ago
and it’s not going to happen now,
our fate is long overdue, past its expiration.
I gain bits and pieces of clarity
with each new day that I live
truthfully and without pretense.
Another mountain range
and I’m headed south again
where I end up in the vale beyond.
I can’t go on forcing myself to love
someone who cannot see what I see,
I can’t give away so much in return for so little.
But the sadness of the fallout,
the trail of misery left behind in the wake of all this,
there is where we have to face each other.


We are the children of our parents, grown from the dry earth one season into the moistness of another. Our colors are bright in the darkness where we shine best under that dim glow, like rose gold and yellow diamonds. Put us under the scrutiny of daylight and you will see our skin shine like obsidian, like gold dust, like unpolished tourmaline. We are the perfectly imperfect creatures bought into the world to live alongside each other. What does contentment look in our line of vision? Success in measurable units, within defined scopes of accomplishment. Some of us are not as lucky as others to be thrust into such bona fide wisdom so we roam farther and deeper toward the edge. Artists we may be, nullified creative heads worth a penny or three. Oh but we dream in generous doses. We see entire galaxies dancing around us, astrological beings whispering into our willing ears, telling us what we seek is at the end, at the finish of that goal. The one filled with glorious purpose. And despite our renewed hopes our sense of direction remains the same. We wake up to our deafening realities, those poised situations and lofty burdens. Should we call this one form of wealth?



I could never tell you,
not in a thousand years,
the sad soul that I am.
And you in your ways,
refusing the heart she held in her hand,
breaking your own in return.
I am your second best,
best being just enough to love,
and I understand it so perfectly.
You remind me of his shadow,
I stay close to you now,
it makes up for the lost comfort.
We would make beautiful halves,
in some day of another lifetime,
but here we are, you and I,
inept in the proper ways of togetherness,
as we are two people
who are so far removed and
too different to be one.