Balmy nights and flirty eyes,
music on the beach in the evenings,
inhaling all the shitty air our lungs cling to,
his beating heart thousands of miles away,
the vines in the garden moist with expectation,
the promise of poetry before bedtime in the morning,
standing in line for a Savages set,
giving life back to music,
chasing this temperamental existence,
all the romanticism of modern living,
decadent eats on our table out in the street,
speeding home with the windows down,
our voices lost from earlier in the day,
the moon disappearing behind the skyscrapers,
silence befalls our spinning heads,
our love is sealed into the future,
we’re the children of summer.


You know that moment when the Earth cracks in half,
when you can see the inside at that odd angle?
It’s when you know what’s important,
when you realize where your life is headed.
People on the periphery, the exterior, they don’t matter.
It’s the ones you’re bound to by heir and blood,
they’re the ones who will save you in due time.
You’re alone when it comes to others,
they won’t care for you the same way.
They would feed themselves before they fed you,
would shelter their own before sheltering you.
There are but few of us saintly enough to trust in humanity.
But your own, they’ll come for you.
You’ll always have a place with them.


My favorite Pogues song came on so I asked you to dance with me. You wove your fingers through mine and flashed that devilish grin and I gave up. A couple of rounds later we were twirling around the floor like a pair of fools in love. People were cheering, laughing, kissing around us. I was intoxicated by your closeness, your warmth, your drunken lust. You tasted like cigarettes and mint. Your eyes were gray and full of pleading. You said I was cruel but flashed that smile all the same. I didn’t know what I was, I said. Still you held onto me, refusing to let go. Don’t go, you asked. Come with me, you said. Those gray eyes pierced me. I trailed my fingers along the line of your jaw as I contemplated my wandering stupor. Come with me, I asked you. You made a face at my not answering your question. But still we kissed and kissed and kissed until morning came.

A thousand miles later I stare out the window at the passing Irish countryside and you come back to me like a fragrance in the air. I realize it’s the clothes I’m wearing. I smell like you, your smoke and mint. I smell like that place. I smell like the dewy morning air in London and the brisk evening breeze in Munich. I smell like the smoky sweetness of the Christmas market in Marienplatz and the tangy spiciness of the Caribbean restaurant in Brixton. And now I smell like the salty thrashing currents of Galway, the insane winds sweeping me off my feet come sundown. I should wash my clothes but I don’t want to. You were the city I arrived in, the metropolis I inhabited for a time and the town I said goodbye to on that rainy afternoon. You were the bus I boarded before getting on the plane that would take me across the ocean and back home again.

You were perfect.


It’s a fresh summer day
this breeze feels right
black iced coffee under the shade of whizzing bees
lush with green archways and pink flora
your voice circling around me like a ring of hummingbirds
the cars zooming by
police sirens going off in the distance
those Sunset Boulevard palms swaying lazily
as the hilly side streets join them
and no one seems to mind our emblazoned chatter
we’re daydreaming consciously
spouting preachy ways of life every which way
tell me how my life became so sweet
on this perfect Saturday afternoon?


It’s a glimpse one day
or a longer view the next afternoon
I see it there, just over that hill
those billowing figures in that charming cottage
roaring with laughter at a story their friend tells
as they toast to happiness thereafter
and the food is laid out across that pretty table
dishes from each corner of the globe
cooked to perfection here in this little space
embellished with sparkling lights and old Arab drapes
and he turns over to her
and whispers ‘I love you’ into her ear
and she looks at him in surprise
her eyes aglitter with affection
because oh, this life we now celebrate
these people around us
what we’ve known and have yet to know
why, I would kiss you on this hill as twilight dawns
as I love you, and them, and you, and them
and you.