I’ve shed my old form in place of a new one,
the unseen residue falling away in unnerving patches of dead cells.
My bather has wonderfully strong arms,
she rubs away at years of turmoil,
back and forth she goes like an ox,
her motions dedicated and effective.
My naked body is a palette for life.
One day it will decay into the earth,
it will lose its poetic silkiness,
it will no longer bring others forth.
Yet now it’s warm to the touch,
soft like a gust of dandelions,
full and beautiful to behold.
I want to make love in this new skin,
I want to be kissed everywhere,
I want to revel in my softness,
in this revelatory appreciation of my mortality.
I want to be told the moon is mine for a night,
to be read Neruda till dawn,
to live in this hallucination.
Come with me I whisper sweetly.
You’ll never fly back down.


I’m on fire. My core sears mercilessly and I must satiate my need. I see it now plainer than the blue sky above. Every time I close my eyes, it’s like a dark paradise. I see your shadow in the doorway, those strong arms reaching out to me. Caress me, bring me to you. Envelop me in your warmth, your body, your whispers. I want to tangle myself in you until the dark hours of dawn. Make it count, blur my dreams, dance me into the clouds. Love me until we lose our strength, the bliss overtaking our conscience. Say the words I long to hear, the words lost in this starry galaxy, words only you know.

I want you right now. I need you to sooth this ache I have, an ache as deep as the ocean. I need you to be there with me for each rise and fall. You’re my equal, my match in this fierce ring of flame, this plane of desire. You’re the untouchable part of my soul, my beautiful lover. My Ceasar of the stars. There is no other. I can no longer refuse what I know deep inside. I am yours for the taking.