I sometimes lose my sensibility in others
to the point where I no longer recognize my values
where my sense of self is lost in their actions
that unwaveringly bizarre note of obligation
as if I owe them my good deeds and willful thoughts
while there is no greater judge of pragmatism
than my own windowless heart in its body
although these people do not inhabit my mind
they do not know where my frailty comes from
they are merely looking in from some distance beyond
and I find that I have no contract by which to obey them
and cater to their ridiculous whims
as I can be just as singular-minded as them
and lose nothing but my own sanity
on my own selfish terms.


Fuck your lack of maturity,
your senile insecurities,
your indecency toward others,
your blatant ignorance,
your frosty intellectualism,
your mundane routines,
your frugal whims,
your adolescent oblivion,
your social discomforts,
your discombobulated dreams,
your subpar influences,
your selfish tendencies,
your narrow trains of thought,
your disrespect for yourself.

Fuck you.
I don’t need your shit.