We found our paths to each other
by way of fate and convenience
at a point in our lives when it made most sense.
Years of near loving and living
are drowned out by facts of undiluted truth,
the reality that we consciously failed to see for a time.
Here you and I stand at a crossroads,
looking into each other’s unfailing eyes
and I realize how hard I’ve tried to love you.
It didn’t happen a decade ago
and it’s not going to happen now,
our fate is long overdue, past its expiration.
I gain bits and pieces of clarity
with each new day that I live
truthfully and without pretense.
Another mountain range
and I’m headed south again
where I end up in the vale beyond.
I can’t go on forcing myself to love
someone who cannot see what I see,
I can’t give away so much in return for so little.
But the sadness of the fallout,
the trail of misery left behind in the wake of all this,
there is where we have to face each other.

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