It’s infinite, this resurgence I ride from dusk to dawn, its embrace holding me close, so fierce and loyal and welcoming. It has no end, from the ground to the sky to the galaxy of stars above me, it goes into the world beyond my own existence. I run to the edge of that cloudy abyss, willing to jump when asked, knowing I would never get hurt, knowing it will never harm me. I am weightless in this moment, this millisecond of hopeful desire, this haze of dreamy content. I belong to it, I’ll fly into its folds and wrap myself in its darkness, I’ll keep riding this chariot into the starry night. I am high on its gaseous fumes of delight, its pure forms of joy. This is my moment of revelation, the point between two worlds. The curtains are drawn to show me who I really am and what I have to do.

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