You don’t have to say it. Not a word needs to be uttered.

I understand it all so perfectly.

It’s like driving along the coast at sunset, the sky cast in that pinkish orange hombre, pure beauty cast against a stark reality. I’m driving toward that neverending horizon that’s frozen in time, not a detail changed. The dark sea twinkles at me prettily as the sky guides me along that clean path like an overly affectionate friend. Go on, they tell me, keep driving. There have been some hard days but this evening has no room for that. This road drowns out the bad and the difficult and perfection is left standing bare. I exhale a long breath and it all sinks to the pit of my stomach, grounding me in uninterrupted contentment.

And then I hear your raspy voice in the distance. You’re singing like a madman, your drunken syllables all melding into a sweet mess. I love you till the end, you sing to me from across the sea. The wind sways me this way and that and the moon is coming out to say hello. I keep on driving until I get somewhere I like. And you are suddenly there beside me, your eyes glowing in the dark as you look at me. You know, our kind of silence is the stuff of song.

I love you till the end.

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