What a life I lead in the summer,
what a life I lead in the spring,
what a life I lead in the winded breeze,
what a life I lead in the spring.

-Fleet Foxes; Sun Giant

Come into my airship, it’s comfy inside. There are glass floors and Persian rugs and velvet couches. Five entrances lead into every chamber, all rooms interconnected. A modest kitchen with bar seating and a veritable Wall of Teas will quench your English noon hour thirst. My friends await you in the navigation pit, where we plan our next destination. It was a small fishing village last week and an evergreen countryside the week before that. We stay however long we desire. Then we refuel and take off. Most times we leave our new friends gifts of sorts. Love is planted and then grown as we come back full circle after a few months. Always moving, we travelers. Most call it confusion, gypsy roaming, aimless journeying, midlife crises. This is what we most enjoy, what fulfills our earthly purposes. Wanderlust runs through our veins like the blood that keeps us alive. What a world we live in, to honor so much difference between each human being, and to do it so harmoniously. Our minds are broadened, our hearts full to bursting with knowledge. Our lives have become paintings to us, evolving as new color and detail is added each day.

I’m so pleased you’ll be joining us. You are now our guest of honor. So I ask you, where shall we land next?


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