I see it just a few yards ahead,
the place I hear in song,
where I find self and existence,
rapture and acceptance,
beyond what lowness I have known.

Of days passed I have wandered far,
lost in the tangle of dead root and leaf,
stumbling yesterday and the day before,
the crunch deafening to my sweet sense of sound,
but finally I see it, this place I belong to,
and therein a green canopy of life welcomes me,
his embrace ever loving, so ever pure.

My footsteps soften as I near,
the crunch of tangled roots
turn to a carpet of velvet petals,
crèmes and carnations and roses throughout,
so lovely that my steps fade to silence.

Sunlight pours in through the green veil
and I cannot fight the rueful beauty of my daydream
amidst the enveloping stillness,
this decadent loneliness,
for what love have I known
except in the lavish frescoes I see?

A tender and deceitful portrayal,
cruel to my loving nature, longing
for a fondness that does not exist.

But alas, calm falls around me
and his embrace is warm,
forest is still as birdsong rises,
the greenery rustles, delicate as a single life
and I am, now until then
here in my place of dream.

Pride & Prejudice OST – The Living Sculptures of Pemberley
Bright Star OST – Human Orchestra


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