But now it’s gettin’ late,
and the moon is climbin’ high,
I want to celebrate,
see it shinin’ in your eye.

Neil Young – Harvest Moon


The universe could be crumbling to pieces,
friends could be mistakenly disappointing,
plans could be interrupted to no end,
and even then I can still come back,
come back to see your smiling faces,
see you be no one but yourselves,
as you tear off your layers,
and let go of what others see,
you sit beside me and ask how I’m doing,
and I say that things could be much better,
you tell me that everything is going to be alright,
because this is what our family is for,
this is what life is about,
and thank the heavens above for our love,
you throw an arm around my shoulder,
and tell me that we ought to get together more often,
I say yes, no doubt about it, it’s been too long,
and we look around the table and laugh,
our eyes filling up with happiness so long overdue.


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