Let’s keep the door closed for those who are nosy enough
and bury ourselves under this comforter because tomorrow is another day
and we’re too stupid to admit to our mistakes
and we fall too blindly to forget the consequences of next week
but this is all meant to be because I’m just as lost as you
and I don’t have the slightest idea of what I’m doing
or what I want out of this ridiculous setup
and maybe someday in the future I might decide
but until then this is where I’m walking
and I’m hoping that I’ll find my calling at some point
because who likes to be lost in the middle of their crusade?
Maybe I’ll quit what I’m doing and find something new
where I get to help people and see what I do echo all around
and through the walls and into the hearts of those I cure
because these old ambitions are completely trashed
and I’ve lost the passion for what I might be doing
and there is no love in being trained to be ineffective
and because out of what little I’ve done
I no longer feel important and worthy of the future
and I wish I could sweat bullets over something I truly believed in,
something I could cry and bitch about because I’m so stressed out
even though I secretly love every millisecond of what I’m doing,
something I could thank heaven and hell for because I’m living it.


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