Oh, but the summer heat has a way to remind you
of beaches and festivals and cold beer,
and all of the windows rolled down in the car
as the dampening 90-degree wind swirls past,
and the voices around you are but a hum
in the midst of this irresistible day.

And how, despite the end of one thing,
there’s a beginning to another sphere in your life,
and seeing all of these new faces makes you smile
because you can’t help but want more,
and there is nothing so satisfying as knowing
that things are still in motion everywhere you look.

But while these things are happening,
your happinesses are intertwined with the sadnesses
in the shadowy recesses of the world beyond your grasp.
And despite all of this you decide that
it’s simply better to enjoy this moment of your day
because who knows when the same feeling will come again?


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