I’m not scared of being alone,
I’m just happier being confused
beside the fire as long as it’s with you.
Why should that fire die?

— Nickel Creek, Why Should the Fire Die?


If tomorrow suddenly disappeared into a cosmic smear, would you still tell me this isn’t worth it? Sit down beside me and look me in the eyes, and tell me you don’t feel the slightest bit of electricity jumping erratically in the small space between us. I’d like to know how you feel. Right here, in the bareness of our balmy skin, the sensation of the catching warmth in our breaths. You can’t deny the uneven beating in my chest, the anxiousness in my dark eyes. The same way I can’t refuse the russet hue of your glossy skin and the deepness of your telling gaze. Everything in this small room is waiting on your call. Tell me everything you’ve never told anyone else before, beside this flickering blaze, a thousand miles from home. Maybe once you let yourself free, I might catch a bit of your inspiration and try it too. I might finally let go and fall away with you, and the fire would never die.


A. R. Rahman, Delhi 6 OST – Aarti Tumre Bhavan Mein
Dario Marinelli, Pride & Prejudice OST – Georgiana
Nickel Creek, Why Should the Fire Die? – Why Should the Fire Die?

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